Journey through our time

The house and its long history

1949 Therese and Josef Gruber laid the foundation stone for our home with their marriage.

1952 The tourists from the Scharnow travel party arrived in Waging am See with chartered trains. Resi and her husband Josef Gruber picked up their first guests from the station. The luggage was transported by a handcart.

1955 Wilhelm Scharnow, the owner of the travel party (later TUI), encouraged the hosts to invest in newspaper advertisements. The accounting process was done by letter and an average journey took two days.

1963 The number of beds rose from 6 to 17 after the building project in 1963. Thea and Johanna, the  children of Resi, had to vacate their rooms for guests during summer-season. Most of our guests came from Bremen, Ruhr Area and Sauerland like Marga and Rolf. We still have a strong friendship to Marga and her family since this time.

1970 In the seventies, the tourists booked their holidays by phone and normally came for 14-day holidays. And of course, our grandma set strong rules. However, the guest enjoyed the rural atmosphere.

1996 The opening of the DDR border was responsible for the last surge for rooms with breakfast. Afterwards, this kind of accommodation wasn’t requested anymore. Thea and Karl Jahner changed the rooms into an apartment classifying it as a holiday home.

2000 At the end of the 20th century, advertising was starting to change and we installed our first website. Some guests, like Claudia and Axel, still come from North Rhine-Westphalia but the clients are becoming more and more international.

2015 Now it’s our turn. Normally we only get the enquiries online by email. Most of the interested parties aren’t looking anymore for accommodation in Waging am See, they are searching for a nice place to stay in Bavaria or Salzburg. Airbnb & Co. is now being used internationally, with people arriving by train, car or plane.
“This could be the place for your own photo and story”:-)

Thank you for being there!

We invite you to uphold our future history and we wish you a nice holiday. Explore our surroundings - the region has plenty to offer.
We would be glad if you wrote some lines in our guestbook because this book is witness to our history.
Karl, Matthias & Stefan Jahner